EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool

EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool is an unmatched innovative educational software that leads to become an actor and not just an observer. It is presented as a unique online, massively multi-user, dynamic and serious game. Its typology is close to the alternate reality, but without fiction and therefore without deceiving the participants.

This is a full-sized role playing game with a transmedia narrative universe and very diverse features including full motion video in large quantities. It includes all socio-economic dimensions (in other words: anthropological, cultural, spiritual, social, economic, political, diplomatic and geopolitical).

A wide variety of actors with very different needs interact simultaneously (individuals and public figures, businesses and organizations, institutions of governance).

This tool is very adaptable to the specificities of each user and each environment, together with high scalability.

Each user is involved in the construction of the future global civil society and its self-regulation, based on the universal principles of ethics.

He acquires multiple knowledge, fully understands his environment, the local and national issues, then the relationships related to globalization, together with the real needs of people.

He takes the measure of his potential, in order to act in the best, and as objectively as possible at his level.

Teaching is based on the awareness of positive interdependence, the need to act individually and collectively and impacts that may follow the actions performed.

The world in which the actors operate is not virtual. The actors are all real and actions are not fictional.

Everything that happens in the system sustainably affects beyond the system. The tool catalyses and channels the energies then acts as a vast ecosystem.

It produces results with high added value, measurable in real time.

Regional environments are indefinitely shaped by all the actors who operate across the world and by changing events of world news and regional news.

These factors all act in the system but users remain the sole masters of the collective destiny.

Users all have a very strong stimulus in whatever they undertake, personally and professionally, through the adoption of new strategies, improved self-esteem and better opinion of others, equality in action and opportunities, greater freedom (within the limits of not crossing the others’ one) and a renewed optimism.

Each individual and each moral entity feels a real satisfaction generated by a key role, a new existence and a new recognition in his socio-economic environment and beyond.

Across the world, many dynamics of progress born, a new world is being built by the will and the contribution of everyone under the leadership of the process.

You can all act now. Join the ethical community of tomorrow. Support research and development and get your contributor’s customised space.