Development projects - Educating differently to reverse the global trend

EL4DEV is a system based on morality but does not impose standards to people. The EL4DEV process welcomes first people who identify with the values advocated. However, through its transformative learning process, EL4DEV brings everyone to understand these values through their own experiments. People are aware of being responsible for their own decisions and they are not limited by the moral standards of the system. In the society we live in, people already are aware of that they could play a very positive role in improving their environments. Paradoxically, few of them bother to do so maybe because of perplexity on the results of these initiatives.

So, EL4DEV is a collective enterprise that heavily uses information technology to initiate a mass stimulus but that is not limited to people interacting through computers otherwise it would be difficult to address all humanity. So the role of EL4DEV is to train a maximum number of people in a joint action for progress by taking the path to ethics enlightenment.

It is true that if a small group wishes to make changes, aims to create a dynamic of progress, its impact on the world body will have no lasting effect since its inertia is not sufficient to move it. Its dynamic is too low. It is almost impossible to change the global mass because the weight of bad habits and ways of being and thinking that it generates is too large and eventually completely drown any minor attempt ... Unless we operate several small independent and perfectly targeted changes (or more precisely several dynamic).

Thanks to an ingenious system making perfect use of cybernetics (the science of complex and self-regulating systems), the effects accumulated by these small changes made in various places in the world end up creating a sufficiently powerful wave that travels fast enough to reverse the overall trend. This is where the ingenuity operates. To initiate and sustain these dynamics, we have to target that makes up the common point between all men and women, that is to say that at the bottom of them they all aspire to find in our humanity. These territorial dynamics must imperatively fit to the different socio-economic environments. This means that they must take into account the economic, social, anthropological, cultural and spiritual. They need to help meeting local and not global issues.

As stated by the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, man is naturally good but it is society that corrupts him, so let's work to greatly improve the society by the joint and benevolent action of men everywhere.

EL4DEV is not an NGO; so its projects are different, especially in process management, results and sustainability. The EL4DEV development projects are pilot projects that aim, in the overall process, to stimulate some dynamic of progress at the micro level, that is to say, on a small territory, through coercion and synergy of multiple stakeholders. They respond to real needs related to local issues and take into account all socio-economic, anthropological and cultural characteristics within each territory.

They are systematically based on the six strategic pillars of the philosophy of the EL4DEV program:

- True Innovation

- High added value and sustainability

- Empowering individuals

- Profit for the regions and countries

- Massive and participatory alternative education as the highest goal

- Transparency and performances real-time measurement

Developed processes are systematically innovative or tend to rewrite the traditional processes by adding additional links. They use the dynamic of masses cooperation that are possible by ongoing interactions of many stakeholders far exceeding the environments of the projects. They introduce testing, efficiency measuring and oriented mass communication means. This control is dynamic and is in real time.

Then projects are highly interactive due to their environments changeable at will (we are talking about non-permanent environments, such as in an online massively multiplayer game). This is of course supported by the information technologies that are inseparable from the operational and educational performances aimed and the required full transparency.

These processes only use the projects as massively scalable environments to educate all socio-economic stakeholders around the territories where projects are conducted and beyond through transnational synergies.

In the end, these processes are used as franchises since their models can easily be adapted to other territories of the world if these ones contain similar socioeconomic characteristics. They are perfectly governed by strict rules to meet many criteria of quality and transparency. Franchisees are fully supported (financially and operationally) by EL4DEV group to conduct these beneficial projects in their territories.

Indicators to check the achievement of objectives in each project:

Quantification and spatial representation of the dynamic of progress brought by socio-economic stakeholders in the environment, quantification of the stakeholders involved in the process and transparency of their roles throughout the various stages; Finally, reactions and behavioural changes of the stakeholders directly involved or not in the various steps (the project represents the means used and the evolving environment to bring a highly interactive learning).

The source of verification in each project:

Through an online software designed for this purpose, data modeling of the interactions and synergies created, the value added in real time, the satisfaction felt in the co-creator roles (static and dynamic mapping + representative diagrams and tables)

It is possible to become partners and to appear as co ambassadors supporting a project or a series of projects with the same issue. The acquired funds are intended to support research and development.