EL4DEV an atypical startup to create the collective in society

EL4DEV is an atypical startup aimed to teach moral values (peaceful exchange and understanding, autonomy, self-empowerment, a more balanced relationship with the environment, respect for human rights and equality) to all individuals in order to create, expand or consolidate the collective in society. However, even today, very few people are willing to accept a teaching that would challenge their habitual way of thinking and acting. Therefore, we can only convince people teaching morality by experience, that is to say, by internalizing it. This education should be embodied in all of civil society. It must put people in a position to experiment continuously; otherwise it will be absolutely devoid of content and without continuity.

Therefore, the EL4DEV program is an experimental and innovative learning environment. This one is transformative and continuously generates knowledge at many levels. This goes beyond simple content acquisition as it primarily teaches individuals to think by themselves. This requires a true liberation of the blind acceptance of what we come to know because of our experience of life (especially the things that our cultures, environments and diverse personalities may predispose us toward, without questioning how we know what we know).

The acquired knowledge is the collective awareness of the world, issues beyond our persons, our interdependence and the importance of "living together". Through the atypical EL4DEV process, people are learning to share, solidarity, respect, benevolence, altruism, and all the ethical foundations of life in society.

EL4DEV generates wisdom since the program automatically requires thought, reasoning, creativity and reflexivity in order to lead each individual in the world to become independent and responsible. Moral philosophy is a key component of the program since it is the basis of every developed and used solution. EL4DEV help people improve their behaviour, that is to say, to improve their roles in their lives and also in those of others. For all these reasons, EL4DEV promotes the development of the mind and heart of the individual.

Pedagogy is conductive because EL4DEV focuses on the development of a sense of initiative in each individual. The base lies on encouragement continuously provided. The individual experiences success through various, stimulating and permanent exercises. Once he has developed confidence in his own abilities, the individual explores more actively his immediate environment as well as many others, on his own initiative.

This pedagogy simultaneously adopts various ingenious learning styles (through atypical and strongly transformative software, revolutionary and sustainable added value development projects, intelligent and highly stimulating entertainment and an outsized creative and educative city named "Le Papillon Source". Throughout the process, the program leads to the ability to understand one’s environment and solve problems.

The evolution and success of many individuals encourage others to want to participate actively. This is particularly the mutual imitation which stimulates their interest and mass cooperation. The frequency with which individuals use their own initiatives to undertake actions greatly increases. Thereafter they continue the development of different types of motor patterns and skills of social interaction.

EL4DEV is for all people of the world in each of the existing socio-economic environments, regardless of age, gender, social class and country. You can join the ethical community of tomorrow. Support research and development and get your contributor’s customized space within our Strategic Deployment Tool.