Human dignity at the center of a new education system using information technology and based on experience

Imagine that a resourceful and adaptable framework for self-learning which knowledge is provided by the real-time experience of each of us, all over the world, would have been built. For many people it may sounds like utopia.

The role would be to initiate a smart, collective and collaborative process of investigation that would be an exchange between all individuals, rather than simple speeches or a mere transmission of knowledge. We would be in a different approach of education. The sum of knowledge acquired from day-to-day experiences anywhere in the planet would immediately be modelled thanks to algorithms and would be available to all the people.

So your own experience would serve the collective. People would immediately implement this knowledge within the society to rewrite the existing socio-economic and behavioural models and meet the various local issues. The system would also analyse all the consequences of interaction of people as well as the actions performed. Thus, it would be able to establish predictive scenarios based on the actions performed in real time.

So, this would be a teaching method and content to provide. This teaching would be accessible to everybody, at any age, in any country and would have pretensions to a smart and ethical management of world affairs as well as better relations between individuals.

It would be a powerful process of analysing, modelling and sharing the collective experience in order to raise awareness and motivate any people. It would be a powerful process of bringing back dignity to every individual of the world so as to transform him in agent for positive change.

Everyone would aspire to play a positive role in society. Your behaviour would finally help changing the world. These actions would be within the reach of any individual on the planet regardless of his socio-cultural environment, education background and gender. This would be a Big Ethical Smart Data dedicated to education through experimentation.

That is the purpose of the ambitious program EL4DEV; a smart process of positive transformation of society by the design and the implementation of this new kind of education.