Analysis of real-time experience as the operating concept of new education

We all know that experience is the fundamental process in the evolution of individuals. In fact, it should be seen as the real germ of intelligence because there is no intelligence without research and experience is a process comparable to that of scientific research. It is a series of steps that teaches that to achieve what we want we must comply with certain requirements, acquire some knowledge, regardless of the circumstances and tender our efforts in the desired direction.

Then experience is an active process of acquiring various data. These acquisitions consist of an inner progress of our being, our personality, our behaviour in society and in the natural environment, our possibilities of reaction, our adjustment to various circumstances and our action to the surrounding world. Thus experience has two aspects: it involves testing but also feeling. It is the key that makes understanding the nature of reality.

Therefore EL4DEV education has experience as operating concept. This is a mutual interdependence process between the individual and his environment (physical and social). With a progressive enrichment of the experience, the main aim of this course is to train individuals capable of understanding their environment and humans. However, individuals are not educated with concepts and abstract knowledge, but are prepared to play a real positive role.

EL4DEV education is essentially a process of sharing real-time experience. A good society is a society in which there is much experience shared by all its members. The experience of each individual feeds the collective experience as a tributary feeds a river. Thus, this education has pretensions to an intelligent and ethical management of world affairs and relations between individuals. This perfect management is exclusively based on moral principles and is achieved through a philosophical and reflective analysis of experiences of everybody.

All individuals are conscious of being responsible for their own decisions and their lives. This is why no one can admit situations where he feels that others impose on him their will. The EL4DEV program allows extending the scope of useful knowledge by modeling the sum of real time experiences and analysis of the consequences of human interaction throughout the global civil society.

To do this, EL4DEV develops a wide range of innovative interconnected online collaborative and massively multiuser software acting as a broad catalyst, a useful data modeling and predictive analytics system, a "Big Smart Data" (useful mass data processing) from the collective experience.

The role of EL4DEV is to initiate an intelligent, collective and collaborative process of investigation that is an exchange between all individuals, rather than simple speeches or a mere transmission of knowledge. The first action of EL4DEV is to help people become aware of their need to learn. Thus, they discover the gap between their current conditions than they actually wish to achieve. This allows them to set personal and lofty goals then develop their own action plans. In this process, they are supported by others.

Learning mode used is focused on reality, so the EL4DEV pedagogy is systematically designed around real situations, not just subjects / themes. All individuals are willing to continually learn whether the knowledge they seek allows them to better analyze, understand, interpret and deal with real situations. They better assimilate all the body of knowledge, positive values and attitudes if they are implemented daily.

Therefore, we all understand that no one can do without the experience. The construction of the intellectual and moral personality can only be achieved by going beyond research and effort to solve the problems in our society. There is no real education as an experiential, continuous and progressive education that fits all of us.

We all know that our global civil society today needs to be profoundly rethought and redirected through the involvement of all. It must allow the fusion of consciousness and knowledge and give up his current utilitarian appearance. All countries of the world must be part of the solution. The new school (the model that should be applied in the 21st century) is designed to bring people to this result. It is humanistic and holistic (that is to say that learning is organized around real issues and integrated projects specifically initiated with the aim of teaching. It combines "thematic learning", "discovery learning" and "project method").

The new school must be in the form of a resourceful and adaptable framework for self-learning which knowledge is provided by the real-time experience of each of us, all over the world.

This is that new kind of school open and accessible to everyone, at any age, largely making use of information technologies and based on a secular spirituality that is the atypical EL4DEV program.

It is now possible to participate in this out of the ordinary initiative. Support research and development and get your contributor’s customized space within our Strategic Deployment Tool.