EL4DEV, an experimental academy open to all in the footsteps of Plato

Our societies cannot evolve without knowledge and sharing of best practices and true information. Yet the big lobbies, some elites, and many scientists refuse this share to continue to keep their monopoly positions.

Our world is in crisis because philosophy, morality, spirituality, multidisciplinary approach and conceptualization are not or no more parts of our education systems, and therefore our values and first needs.

Researching, reconsidering, learning and acting are inseparable and complementary notions of human evolution, but without the action of knowledge sharing we will continue to limit any true form of progression.

EL4DEV program understands this and has created a unique system, ultra-connected with the human as the core and the sharing of individual and collective experience in real time as motor.

The goal is that the knowledge and resulting actions from these experiments are automatically transmitted to every human being, anywhere in the world.

Thus, each individual can feel useful and be aware of the potential impact of each action, naturally leading him on the path of greater nobility of spirit, a fairer reflection of the role that he plays and his place in the world. He will necessarily become himself a positive stimulus in his own environment.

Thus, EL4DEV serves as motivational lever and evolving incubator to bring the individual to positive thinking and positive action.

By referencing all improvement actions carried out in real time around the world, integrating multiple indicators to verify the success of projects and the achievement of objectives, EL4DEV allows other individuals, wherever they are , duplicate good practices in their own environments and thereby become co-creators. So they in turn generate other actions of progress and also make other people benefit from their experience and resulting knowledge.

Every individual seeks to become a true leader. The role of a true leader is not to train other individuals as many still think, but to generate new leaders who will generate their tours of other leaders thanks to transfer of knowledge and skills.

EL4DEV is a holistic systemic tool consisting of several nested complex systems of 3rd generation since they are specialized in simultaneous management of phenomena and global social issues such as:

- environmental pollution,

- food sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency,

- sovereignty and empowerment of individuals,

- financial and economic regulations,

- international relations,

- the education reforms,

- health reforms,

- reforms of the International Law,

- etc.

EL4DEV process is capable of handling an unlimited number of interrelated variables. Systemics represents a new philosophy of nature opposed to the blind laws of the mechanism, for the benefit of a world viewed as a large organization.

EL4DEV education leads us to develop an awareness of the concept of interdependence, that is to say that we are all connected to a very large set.

Our current general system (i.e. our society) is a complex system in very great imbalance (increasing misery for some and growing wealth for others, social disparities in the same country, poor distribution and wastage of food production, inequalities in education, inequalities in health systems, inequality of opportunity, agriculture damaging the human and nature, animal abuse, extinctions of plant and animal species, massive deforestation, air and water pollution, abuse of indigenous peoples, pessimism, individualism, materialism, destruction of families, loneliness, disease, wars, etc.).

Our society can be compared to a human brain. Human brains all have roughly the same number of neurons, but what will decide the different skills is the nature and the number of relationships between them in a particular area. In short the quality (or performance) and the durability (or strength) of our social and economic structures therefore depend only on the number of transmissions of knowledge in an environment and on good nature of these exchanges (guided by the positive intention).

Thanks to the many feedback loops (that is to say, instant feedback on experiences), every individual worldwide is an integral part of a powerful self-regulatory mechanism allowing to switch from a generalized imbalanced system to a perfectly balanced one.

EL4DEV is a cybernetic system as it aims to maintain a sustainable and viable state of interactions within changing environments through a stochastic process (i.e. a random process) of trials and errors. The feedback process is to prevent deviations.

Only the organized complexity can destroy the disorganized complexity. The regulation requires a highly participatory control system whose complexity must be equal or greater than that of the system to manage.

EL4DEV is a spontaneous reorganization of the current system to the emergence of many innovative processes through the consolidation of good will, collective engineering and knowledge sharing.

This is what the true cybernetics is, as originally expressed by Plato (the art of making effective action to serve a project of fair and balanced society). It is the foundation for future global civil society, as hoped by all peoples of the world. It is about a society of brains and hearts in perfect collaboration. In the words of the sacred formula of cybernetics, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

It is possible now that you participate in this initiative out of the ordinary. Support research and development of the EL4DEV program and get your contributor’s customized space within our Strategic Deployment Tool.